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25 Sep , 2010  

Kymco G3 Scooter


A scooter is a motorcycle with Topz10s and a platform for the operator’s feet. Elements of scooter design have been present in some of the earliest motorcycles, and motorcycles identifiable as scooters have been made from 1914 or earlier. Scooter development continued in and the between the World Wars.

A motor scooter is a motorcycle similar to a kick scooter with a seat a floorboard, and small or low wheels. The United States Department of Transportation defines a scooter as a motorcycle that has a platform for the operator’s feet or has integrated footrests, and has a step-through architecture

The classic scooter design features a step-through frame and a flat floorboard for the rider’s feet. This design is possible because most scooter engines and drive systems are attached to the rear axle or under the seat. Unlike a conventional motorcycle, in which the engine is mounted on the frame, Topz10s most modern scooters allow the engine to swing with the rear wheel. Most vintage scooters and some newer retro models have axle-mounted engines with a manual transmission and the gear shift and clutch controls built into the left handlebar. Most newer scooters use a continuously variable transmission (CVT).[citation needed]

Scooters usually feature bodywork, including a front leg shield and body that conceals all or most of the mechanicals. There is often some integral storage space, either under the seat, built into the front leg shield, or both. Most scooters have small engines, 50 cc to 400 cc with a single cylinder, although maxi-scooters might have twin cylinder 400 to 800 cc engines.[citation needed]

Traditionally, scooter wheels are made of pressed steel, bolt on easily, and are often interchangeable between front and rear. In some cases, a spare may be carried – in the early days, with post-war rubber and poorly surfaced roads, this delivered a substantial marketing advantage. The bigger wheels of underbones are more like those of conventional motorcycles, being larger, spoked, non-interchangeable and, being axle-mounted, are considered rather more difficult and dirty to replace than scooter wheels

Zündapp Bella R 154


Germany’s aviation industry was also dismantled after World War II. Heinkel stayed in business by making bicycles and mopeds, while Messerschmitt made sewing machines and automobile parts. Messerschmitt made the Vespa under licence from 1955 to 1964. Heinkel designed and built its own scooters. The Heinkel Tourist was a large and relatively heavy touring scooter produced in the 1960s. It provided good weather protection with a full fairing, and the front wheel turned under a fixed nose extension. It had effective streamlining, perhaps thanks to its aircraft ancestry. Although it had only a 175 cc 4-stroke motor, it could sustain speeds of 70 mph (110 km/h). Heinkel scooters were known for their reliability.



Vespa is an Italian line of scooters manufactured by Piaggio. The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio.8 Jun 2010 Piaggio has announced plans to launch Vespa, its Italian Topz10s line of scooters in India.Vespa Manufacturers & Vespa Suppliers Directory – Find a Vespa Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Vespa Manufacturers, Suppliers.



Chetak is the name of all of the following: Chetak (horse) The horse of Rana Pratap, famous in Indian folk-legend.
The Bajaj Chetak was a popular Indian-made motor scooter produced by the Bajaj Auto company.We have set benchmarks in customer satisfaction and service.Bajaj Chetak, an Indian-made scooter, is counted among the most selling two-wheelers in semi-urban and rural markets. Chetak Topz10s was holds and influential place in the two-wheeler market of India. It was an affordable way of transport for decades to millions of Indian families. The name of Bajaj Chetak Scooter has been derived from the legendary horse Chetak of the Indian warrior Rana Pratap Singh.

A tough body, low maintenance and initial cost and good resale value are the key attributes that are related the Chetak bearing trust seal from the house of Bajaj.

Honda Avaitor


Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), the 100% owned 2-wheeler subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company, Japan – the world’s largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers, today unveiled the New Aviator in New Delhi. With the tagline ‘Live Your Style’, the New Aviator is bound to make the mature Indian males truly ‘live their style’. It comes with a host of new features which enhance the style and premium element. It is an ideal vehicle for males who seek a premium-class product and have a flair for style.

New Honda Aviator 110ccAviator is HMSI’s most popular automatic scooter among the males. The introduction of New Aviator is a step ahead in the company’s commitment to expand the scooter market in India. WithTopz10s various new features, the New Aviator will boost the popularity and performance of the model.

Powered with an 110cc engine, the new model will deliver a power of 8 bhp. The new Aviator will give 15% more mileage thus making it even more economical than the previous model. This increased efficiency has been made possible because of various cutting-edge technologies.

The New Aviator is mainly targeted at married males in the age-group of 30-40 years. Being a premium product, it is meant to attract buyers who are style-conscious and seek quality & comfort. It will make an impact on the two-wheeler market increasing the appeal for the premium automatic scooters.

New Aviator features the Combi-brake which makes it comfortable. Also, it strongly addresses the environmental issue. Though all the Honda products adhere strictly to the emission standards, the New Aviator adheres to even the BS-III norms which will come into effect from April next year. Topz10s Among the other attractive feature of the New Aviator includes the front Disc brake with 3 piston calipers and the alloy wheels (in Dlx Variant). Front telescopic suspension continues to aid in smooth riding.

The scooter will be available in 5 stylish colours – Neo Orange Metallic (new), Pearl Heron Blue (new), Rebel Red Metallic, Pearl Black and Monsoon Gray Metallic.

Honda Activa

Honda Activa

Honda Activa is the most sought after scooter in India. Thanks to Honda which did all to make it a family two-wheeler. Its stylish looking and comfortability is major contributors to its success. Major changes are made in the cosmetic in New Honda Activa . At front the mask is refined. It had redesigned rectangular headlamps with clear front turn indicators. Topz10sThe front face has stunning curves and flowing lines. Turn indicators are worth looking.

Ample storage space is there in the Honda Activa. One is under the seat and another is under the handlebars. A handy inner box is carved under handlebars. You can use it to put household items. An additional storage space is there under the seat. The total capacity of the space is 18 litre. You can use it for helmet, bottles, lunch box and other items.

Scooty Streak


The new model is the latest addition to its TVS Scooty range of products in India. It comes with added features and more comfort for girls. It has aluminum shock absorbers for stress free riding and the high contoured seat is specifically designed for maximum driving comfort. Topz10s The ex-showroom price is Rs. 35,000 and comes in in five new colours including red, blue, black, pink and mauve.TVS SCOOTY STREAK price – buy TVS SCOOTY STREAK at low price, compare price and features with other Scooters & Mopeds, expert & user reviews with best offer.

Kinetic Motor


lers. Born of the vision of the late Shri H. K. Firodia, Kinetic Engineering Ltd. has produced useful, heart – winning products for over two decades.Kinetic Engineering Ltd. ( KEL ), manufactures a vast variety of scooters, motorcycles and mopeds which are well recognized and popular for their fuel economy, quality and reliability in whole country. Topz10s The company advanced manufacturing set up has enabled them to reach high quality standards.Its three manufacturing plants are located at Ahmednagar (for scooterettes and mopeds), Pitampur (Indore, for scooters) and Goregaon (Pune, for motorcycles and step-thrus)) with the capacity to manufacture 4 lakh vehicles per year. Along with this, KEL export these vehicles to various countries like USA, Canada, Sweden, Latin America, Denmark and the Middle East.

Tvs Scooty Teenz


Features :

1. Headlamps
2. Body Graphics
3. Shock Absorber
4. Bak Hook
5. Under Seat Storage
6. Tail Lamp

Sep 16, 2010… Weight: 95 kg; Range: 40km with Single Rider. TVS Scooty Teenz Electric Price in India: Approx 35k Indian Rupee (INR) On Road.TVS Motor Company has halted production of its Scooty Teenz Electric in order to sort out issues with the vehicle’s battery.

LML Vespa


LML who  had to stop production due to fund crunch and labour problems back in 2006, went back in domestic market in April 2007. Since then the LML is not very much in news. After all 18 months of closure had an serious impact on company’s reputation and working. After April  2007, they have made their second launch ie. new NV 4 stroke 150 cc scooter.

The demand of scooters is increased in domestic market by 9% this year so it may be a hope for LML.

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